lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

Best Friends

We have a new memeber in our family his name, Buckly, he is a 11 months old boxer and Cicely just loves him, she never leaves the house without say good bay and gives him a kiss, and the first thing that she askes in the mornings when she wakes up is for her Coco, because this is his name according to Cicely.

martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

My last year

Since a long time I didn’t write in my blog, but now I’m analyzing my last year, well a lot things happened during this time like:

I got a visa!!!!!, so I’m living in the states.

I have my little Cicely, who is one of the most important persons in the world, I love you rata cochina!!!.

I had the opportunity to live with my parents in law, I don’t like the word in law, because they are like my own mom and dad I love them!!!, I’m thankful for all their love and help THANKS

I have two more sisters and one brother , love you.

We got our first home

I learned how to sew

I learned how to make makeup even permanent make up

I have had the opportunity to serve at church and learn more about the gospel

Love and miss my family, and realize how important are to me

And I could could continue but my list it's a little long

I have to mention, I love my husband more and more every day, and we are expecting our second little girl for January 28th

So this is my last year.

viernes, 30 de enero de 2009

The big question, How to say the things, withoth offending anyone, and still be a polite person?

Well it’s a big question or many questions in one, I don’t know, but the thing is since last week I have something in my main and I don’t know if a good thing, a normal thing or what?

I told my husband what happened to me and how I’m feeling, thanks God!, he feels in the same way, both of us have the same way to say the thing, directly and strong, and some time people are offend, it is not our intention, I think I have changed in many ways, but it’s something that is urgent work , because many time I rather don’t say nothing than have misunderstanding and make people feel sad or bad.

So what can I do? :(

jueves, 29 de enero de 2009

Nothing happened yet :s !!!

We are waiting for our little baby, but I think she doesn’t want to come, maybe we are very impatient to waiting for nine month (I want my baby now!!!!), and the thing is that we want to be with her, we want to see her how she will be, everybody think that she will looks like as her father, I don’t have problem with that because my husband was a beautiful baby, and now he is a very but very good looking man :)

Everything is ready, we have all the things that we need, clothes, toys and more that I never imagine, she has more thing than me and my tree sisters and my brother have ever.

Lately I have been dreaming a lot with her and all the possible cases that she will came, and I can’t stop to be nervous, I think is normal and some time I’m worried for nothing, the only thing that I really want is that Kyle bee at home when I start with the contractions and all things that have to come.

miércoles, 17 de diciembre de 2008

Regaloneando!!! :)

This weekend we were at home, it supoused that we have a dinner on saturday with a family members of the church, but, they called us and canceled our date, so i felt a little sad because we had bougth a lot things for the dinner, and i had prepared a chilean food for them.

We cook a "Pastel de Choclo", it's like a pie, but it has a lot of things like meat, onion, chicken, garlic, boile eggs, raisins and corn.
We went to the church on sunday morning an after that we ate the rest of the Pastel the choclo, then we had our "Siestita de los domingos", while Kyle was sleeping i went and prepared a deliciuos "Empanadas Chilenas" and a "Chancho en piedra" for dinner.

Kyle was happy and i surprised, it was the third time that i prepared empanadas :)

Kyle played X-Box (look his face, he was very concentrated) and me........ ji,ji,ji,ji!!!, i played with my Cicely's Clouths :)

So I have to wait until next weekend, to see my amorcito ;)

martes, 2 de diciembre de 2008

Our Weekend =)

This weekend was so nice, it starting on wednesday aftenoon, when Kyle came from his work, i was weiting with the dinner but he had bougth hamburgers, they were delicious, also he brougth a lot of food for our celebration of Thanks Giving Day.

Thursday morning we got up, with the spirit of celebration, so we went and bougth some things, after that we started our kitchen day, I love to see my husband so excited, teaching me about his culture, his customs and celebrations, it was a wonderful day.

It was a wonderful day, we ate a lot, i never ate pumpkin pie, turky, carrots with butter and stuffin so it was new, but delicious :), welll after that we ate if the world finish we went and sleep almost the rest of the day :).

Friday and saturday we went to the cine, we saw two movies, i dont know if the name in english is correct "Body of lies" and "Traitor", i recomend you Body of lies.

Sunday and monday we were at home, Kyle was playing with his X BOX, Cicely was kicking me and i was trying to sleep.
Now i'm with my Cicely, Kyle went to work at 2:20 am, and we'll see again on friday afternoon.


jueves, 30 de octubre de 2008

Thanks !!!!

Thanks for reading my blog, and give part of your time to translate it, i told Kyle that i want to write in english so i'll do it, is not so easy but with practice i know i could :). It's the first time that i have something like this, and Callie was theaching me how to use it, but i don't know how to change the designs, i see your blogs and are so nice, please help me!!!!!! :).

Love you !!!!